Provisions investigates the relationship between art and social change through research, production, and education. From its library home in George Mason University’s School of Art in Fairfax, Virginia and at sites throughout the District, Provisions produces and supports projects in the US Capitol Region and across the globe.



Provisions’ art and culture research explores models for a more inclusive, equitable, and connected society.

Provisions partners with organizations, individuals, and institutions to develop and amplify contemporary narratives across cultures, support grassroots modes of action, and provide open access to knowledge and understanding of social change in its artistic and creative dimensions. The library, public programming, and research opportunities host artistic, intellectual, and activist endeavors that explore the educational and social promise of contemporary culture.

Local, national, and international projects include exhibitions, public art, residencies, screenings, workshops, lectures, and publications. Participants include artists, activists, academics, students, professionals from a variety of disciplines, and everyday people.



George Mason University; Goethe-Institut DC; Museo de Antioquia,(Medellín, Colombia); Lambent Foundation; Nathan Cummings Foundation; UMBC Center for Art, Design and Visual Culture; Dupont Underground; Kulturpark; Elsewhere, and others.



Donald Russell (Executive Director, Co-Founder)



Tom Ashcraft (Sculptor, Public Artist, Professor George Mason University), Caroline Small (Writer, Editor, Researcher), Alliah Humber (Head, Acquisitions & Serials, Howard University Libraries), Lea-Ann Bigelow (Finance Administrator, Art Historian), Jeff Leasure (Attorney)



Edgar Endress (Floating Lab Collective), Nicolas Dumit Estevez (Balkans Project), Paul Farber (Scholar, Haverford College), Will Kent (Library Practices), John Feffer (Balkans Project), Michael Loadenthal (Movement Archives, George Mason University, School for Conflict Analysis & Resolution), Olivia Georgia (Balkans Project), James Huckenpahler (Artist), Laura McGough (Scholar), Ding Ren (Artist), Steve Rowell (Public Art Practices), Lynn Sowder (Scholar), Anne Sullivan (Scholar), Jon Winet (Artist)



Drew Schaeffer. Julia King, Marice Sy, Evelyn Seay, Andrew Hetrick, Elena GoukassianDamaris Martinez, Paula MatallanaAngela Douglas, Kevin Moss, Melisse Ilhan, Valdi SicaJohn Costa, Amy TasilloLindsay Hawks, Katherine English, Mary Donovan, Christian Jaskolka, Matthew Klise, Yago Hunt-Laudi, Evelina Scott, Alys N. Sink, Sloane Taylor, Jonathan Hawks, Jonathan Garnett, Hannah Klein, Krystle Okafor, Anthony Golan-Vilella, Miranda Gendel, Dandan Luo, Taylor Waites, Ari Anisimova, Susannah Blair, Kelley Bostwick, Jacob Chamberlain, Sam Dollenmayer, Andrew Farquhar, Angela Goerner, James Greisler, Annie Immediata, Harmony Lamm, Roc Lee, Caitlin Munro, Stela Nenova, Shannon Post, Jacqueline Protka, Luke Stacks.



Provisions was founded by Gaylord Neely (President, Gaea Foundation) in 2001 with a five- year seed grant to bring about social change by identifying and amplifying compelling voices of thinkers, writers, and artists from around the world.